Ozlem Nolet Coaching Style

As I always believe in everyone is unique and has their own styles, so do I  as a Career Coach. I empower my clients as they are naturally creative and resourceful, but might be stuck... I assure you that soon after starting to work  with me, I will help you to get fully equipped to "unstuck"  and find out your own way. 

Change roller coaster

At the same time, life is dynamic, and full of constant change. So, although you might know what is best for your life, sometimes you may get overwhelmed by the changes that happen and the many decisions that need to be made. Life can sometimes feel like a roller-coaster, though! 

Coaching for sustainable change

My role as your coach is to help you to envision a realistic and achievable better future career and assist you to plan the right path to get there. For this,

  • I Work with you for a Sustainable Change 
  • I Speak the Truth and I will be Direct  with you
  • I Am Goal Oriented 
  • I Ask Powerful Questions
  • I Ask your Commitment and Dedication