This was my first coaching journey. I really liked the friendly, with humour, honest and judgement less relationship built with Ozlem during the 10 coaching sessions. This coaching was very balanced between challenging sessions and exercises and more settling back sessions with time to think and look forward on the professional and personal points of view.

I have learned a lot on myself and this coaching allowed me to think and take the time for once to think out of the box of my future career and professional life.

I have now some tools to put my career development plans forward and organise them on the short and middle term.

I gained a lot of understanding on how to be more focus on the important things of my professional career and to let the interference and non-important things go by improving my management, delegation and stakeholder’s management.

Thanks a lot Ozlem for all of that. 

Matthieu F. - Expat, Global Port Company


I fortunately came across to Ozlem during a long-lasting questioning period about my career. She had me within the first 15 minutes of our first session. I was impressed by her intelligence, humour, effortlessly strong sense of observation which is very rare to be found. She helped me to question the underlying reasons to my problems which are big part of the solution. Her approach and method made me go deeper and find the answer within because unknowingly we hide the answer beneath the surface, and her way made me justify those answers. I am deeply thankful for all the sincere conversations we had!

Esra- Expat & Banking professional

I had the opportunity of being coached by Ozlem during a break in my professional career and at a point where a step change in my career emerged. Her coaching approach stimulates your mind in a way that you focus only on growth and on exploring the realm of the possible in life. The methods she uses, the tasks she gives, the powerful questions she asks, accompanied by encouraging conversations, supported me strongly on finding my way.

 Gul P. Data Scientist




 Walking my journey with Ozlem was a game-changer in my life (both personal and professional). Her questions helped me observe and nurture my potential. Her positive, open, direct attitude helped us build a space where we both can speak openly, and we shift things based on what I need to grow. It led me to be a more grounded professional. We found hidden gems, dusty maps on the way, and I believe we revealed a treasure together :) Today I am celebrating my graduation and recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to make a change.
Derya -  Expat, Senior UX Design Lead 

What I particularly liked about working with Ozlem is the fact that she is not just a coach that would pick an established job profile from the ‘demand side’ which appears to be the next logical career step for the client, impose this profile and train the client on what it takes to match that profile. Ozlem’s coaching approach is more sustainable, because she supports the client to define and to consolidate his or her genuine abilities and strengths but also the critical expectations and objectives related to work.

Felix M. - Adidas

I knew Ozlem by chance at the right time, before she becomes overbooked- joke apart- she has all the skills and the background. It is not easy to make a connection at distance with someone to discuss sensitive subjects, especially when you are evolving in a complex environment. But with Ozlem luckily this has been surprisingly easy, certainly because of her strong background in psychology, HR at Corporate level for multinational companies occupying international positions, and for being a woman who had to deal with her own career in Africa. From my 5 coaching sessions with her, I can say that I see my options I can take in my future more clearly, and with more serenity. Decision process will then be much easier, and certainly thank to Ozlem, I will work with her again on another topics.
Florie M. - International Logistics Company